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We at Cantin Design Inc. believe that marketing your company should be a year-long strategy. Our goals for marketing strategy at Cantin Design Inc. are simple and effective.

First Cantin Design Inc. recommends that each year a company should re-evaluate its marketing and discuss the positives and the negatives of the previous years marketing initiatives with the design firm that they are using.

Secondly, Cantin Design Inc. believes strongly in a company branding approach to all marketing materials produced throughout a particular fiscal year. This approach should be based on an image campaign that is developed and agreed upon by the design/marketing firm and the client.

Thirdly, a strategy for the overall campaign should be developed where the client establishes a fixed budget and the design/marketing firm creates and implements a cost effective marketing campaign that will position the client as a key player in their marketing niche.

Many companies neglect to do these steps because they have not established an advertising budget what-so-ever. This is not only a poor strategy, but a very costly one as well.

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